Events Unlimited


Events planned & executed by Events Unlimited ranges from Corporate Events, Seminars & Conferences, Product Launches, and Marketing Programs to special live events.

The most vital benefit of events and campaign management is the ability to breed increasingly qualified leads from initial invitation, through registration, event attendance, and post-event survey and beyond.

Events Unlimited data profiles management competency is designed to provide additional benefits and support to our clients & customers alike. With data management, you find valuable remuneration and an exclusive set of resources that align to your business focus and sustain all stages of your business cycle.

We at Events Unlimited is keen on its competency of being the font for below the line marketing. Events Unlimited strategy of solutions have always been to be a Full Service Provider to the client with a very tightly controlled process to enable clients realize full potential of every spent.

Events and Campaign Management

» Creative design and development of marketing communication collaterals such as invites, EDMs, mailers, etc.
» Production and printing of backdrops, canopies, fabrication of stage etc.
» Logistics support including venue, travel, hotels etc.
» Pre and Post event material warehousing
» Audio-visual arrangements
» Coordination of support staff ushers etc.
» Venue management

Brand Activation and Promotion

» Organizing road-shows at the catchment areas
» Permissions management
» Arrangement of ushers
» Printing of leaflets, distribution management

We offer following service modules as a part of this service offering:

» End-to-end event management
» Exhibitions
» Product Launch and demos
» Marketing activation programs